Why is the grass greener in Ireland, than it is in England? It's because we are all over here in England, walking on your grass.

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Why this might be useful is you see it's possible for Machine Learning algorithms to understand human language in a field called natural language processing. This is why you can talk to Google on your phone and most of the time it will not only understand what you said but find what your looking for.

I'm learning how tools in this field work so in the process decided to make use of this list of jokes I collected at first just because I found it and instead categorize how funny the jokes are. It's alot of jokes just to do on my own quickly and it then be biased to my taste only so you could help by just voting by how many stars or ban to show this should be even considered a joke and with this info I hope I can train a Machine Learning model that can tell if what it's given is a joke, how funny it is and maybe who knows try and generate a few jokes of it's own.

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