You have no Soul

By Samuel Muiruri | Jan. 1, 2019 | Atheism

According to Christianity, a human is composed of the body, spirit/mind and soul. The spirit is supposed to be the one that is corrupted, it where the desires lies and basically if we can for simplicity sake take is as the mind then you'd see it more as the biblical explanation that when the body and mind/spirit dies, the soul persists and goes to the other side.

Here's the thing starting from the position Christianity only talks about the soul, let's take what we know the soul is supposed to be able to do:

  1. It can retain memory since ghosts remember their previous life, for example King Saul summoned the ghost of Samuel and talked to him. This is also a requirement if your expected to defend or accept judgment on the biblical judgment day taking on the position that a soul is judged not a body, but if you argue it's a living flesh human then this human would have to be booted with memory also and we would only use the single example of Samuel, but there's plenty of examples of for example soul's going to hell or heaven and remembering what they saw.
  2. A soul is supposed to be you; according to the bible it has to be, it would control the mind or spirit then control your body. Otherwise it would be a passive observer watching the mind control the body, in which case it would make no sense to assume you ever used your soul or there's any point in punishing it for the sins of the mind.

This last one is based on conjecture, assume a ghost same as a soul does have a form similar to the person. It's usually not disabled, at least not according to what I know of the bible. For example if someone loses a finger, doesn't mean they've also chopped off their soul's finger; if you consider this phrase from the bible: 

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.Matthew 10:28

This brings about another curious argument of whether hell's torment is eternal or not, because this implies the soul will eventually be destroyed plus the ethics or hell itself but let's save that for another time.

If you argue that hurting the body can hurt the soul then it brings about an interesting argument on whether sufficient body harm like grinding you up can also grind your soul.

Anyway with the two rules alone I can prove my point you can't have a soul, starting with the first since the soul retains memory here's the question when you have amnesia how come it affects both memory retainers? The mind and the soul? Assuming there's a poorly designed syncing system then still when you remember and I assume then the soul also remembers or it's more of a copy of all the known memories then would it be safe to assume if I get you to have permanent amnesia before your death your soul would remember nothing? Not likely because of judgment day because remember you'll be judged on all your previous actions. It would make no sense showing you something you have no recollection of, I'd also wonder what the heavenly rule is on judging an intoxicated person on his actions when he/she isn't of sound mind but that's just food for thought. And can you imagine a soul in heaven or hell saying I don't know who I was back when I was alive?

If a soul controls your body then it brings on the question how it does control the mind because it suggests a spooky effect at a distance that determines all the relevant body functions including thoughts unless you don't see the use of a soul controlling other functions like regulating the heart-beat and other core body function, it just deals with higher functions. It's neat and similar to how we function, you can't regulate your heart-rate by a mere thought and even if theoretically meditating like a monk could allow you to achieve this skill it would still be a rudimentary control over this. It's simply not an efficient way of functioning just the same way you need your laptop bombarding you with information on everything happening on the background to be effective in fact it's hiding everything that you don't need to interact with that can increase focus and productivity.

Consider then using Occam's Razor on this: the simplest solution is usually the correct one. Then what's more likely, you have a soul that controls your mind that controls your body or the mind controls your body? Take for example how you feel based on how the brain processes emotions, this comes from the mind not a soul so would you argue your soul can regulate your emotions, could this be done to the point you can distance yourself from the emotions in the mind and be the mind in the soul? This outer body experience usually popular with hippies who mix spirituality with science, people who refuse to accept the authority of the church then eventually deduce if I am my soul and my soul controls my body why can't I feel my soul? Why can't I block out everything and feel my soul running through my body like chakra flowing through my body? The reason you can't is your looking for a cat that doesn't exist but still always start with the assumed truth that the cat must exist and the only results that are acceptable are those that prove the cat exists, so your experiments will always be skewed.

To the last point, if you had a soul and it has a shape exactly like your body then why if you lose your finger can't you feel your soul's finger floating around: I'm sure there's some medical literature on ghost limbs, of people feeling their limbs when they're not there but this is explained as a mental model mainly of how your body is and it fades with time. Question is if you can argue your soul when it leaves your body if you can visualize it has all it's limbs and always moved in sync with your body how that ghost limb moved all that time.

To finish this neatly, the only reason your supposed to have a soul is because you need it to survive death, to live in the after life. You don't need it or use it now.