Would You Wipe Out All Mosquitoes?

By Samuel Muiruri | Aug. 6, 2019 | Opinion Piece

I'll start with a question:

Did you know we can eradicate malaria in one way, we can wipe out all mosquitoes on earth? Do you think that's ethical, should we do this?

 To eradicate malaria you've got two options directly targeting the mosquito:

  1. Introduce a genetically modified mosquito that can't carry the malaria gene (this apparently is being done in some urban areas).
  2. Introduce another genetically modified version that makes males infertile and systematically wipe out the species.

The only one likely being implemented is the first option which is rational since it solves the problem and is the less drastic option, but if you consider it still kills a child every 2 minutes still in 2019, it's by far more of an effective killer than any terror organization. Now if you consider the war on terror intends to wipe out all terrorists from the face of the earth or lock them away and throw away the keys, why should an insect that does more damage be an exception?

The counter-argument is it's part of a food-chain so it's extinction might leave others without a food source therefore things like some frogs might die off.

This is where I'm going to point out facts you might not like, for example, we directly caused Dodo birds to go extinct by over poaching, if this is correct we have directly caused a species to go extinct and we as emotionally driven in our thought process will internalize that and point an accusing finger to ourselves, our species. But here's the thing, if you consider the fact that species tend to go extinct, this isn't the exception, over 99.9% have gone extinct.

Without human intervention what do you expect would have happened, would Dodo birds have stood the test of time? Probably not, but still we have the ability to rescue animals from extinction whether we directly have a contributing part or not to them being on the endangered list, their survival wasn't guaranteed if we didn't exist or simply put if we didn't become smarter than an ape. Predators likely play an equal part in hunting a species to extinction as do herbivores in competing for food and the less adapted dies off.

My point is we are something special, we are intelligent lifeform and I believe we are the jewel of evolution, the species not the individual. We are one of many possibilities of intelligent lifeforms that evolution could have produced, there's likely a variation that could be smarter but at this point, that's irrelevant because facts remain universal and even more intelligent lifeforms will still reach the same facts of our universe. We have the affinity to know and use that information to control our environment and eventually we will gaze back at the graph that generates all species us includes, evolution and know that we can probably synthesize every possible genome of every species. This is without the Jurrasic Park plot of finding fossil DNA. 

I'm talking about a complete understanding of how DNA compares from different species and with that it's only a matter of time before we can know from DNA only how that individual of that species would look like and at that point it's going to be trivial to find the right sequence for some extinct species and even some that never existed.