Trump: The underdog with a big dog mentality

By Samuel Muiruri | Dec. 20, 2018 | Politics

When I heard Trump wanted to run for presidency, even though at the time I didn’t know he’d tried before what I knew about Trump was mainly from his Apprentice show and lavish lifestyle, the man isn’t satisfied with a private jet, he has a boeing as his private plane, hate it or love it he lives a lifestyle that I think wouldn’t wish they had. I’m not pro Trump, this is more of my analysis of the events that have unfolded so far and my opinion on how all this might link up.

Starting with his predecessor whom he hates and Obama equally feels the same way. He was the first African American president and in his term did the best he could to bring some version of Universal Healthcare, tooted not to be perfect but better than nothing in a country where the price of medical care is inflated on the other hand surveillance has increased more under his term and when Snow Den went on to expose the unlawful surveillance done by the CIA, he was smart enough to know how to sneak out the data, leave the country and then not dump out all the incriminating information like wikileaks with little regards for national security, he infact only worked with a few journalists whom he told he will only give them enough information to prove this unlawful act and hopefully reverse it.

Incase you don’t know the story, the CIA is collecting data about everyone, everywhere provided your online regardless of whether you’re a possible threat or not; from virtually all social networks, sms, calls and they can query you’re lifestlye as easy as browsing your facebook page. Doing this to US citizens without a warrant is unlawful, doing it to the rest of the world isn’t. To even circumvent this the Intelligence agencies MI6 and CIA spy on each other’s countries then share the information. Snow Den was charged with violation of the espionage Act.

Snowden was asked in a January 2014 interview about returning to the U.S. to face the charges in court, as Obama had suggested a few days prior. Snowden explained why he rejected the request: “What he doesn’t say are that the crimes that he’s charged me with are crimes that don’t allow me to make my case. They don’t allow me to defend myself in an open court to the public and convince a jury that what I did was to their benefit. … So it’s, I would say, illustrative that the President would choose to say someone should face the music when he knows the music is a show trial.” Snowden’s legal representative, Jesselyn Radack, wrote that “the Espionage Act effectively hinders a person from defending himself before a jury in an open court.” She said that the “arcane World War I law” was never meant to prosecute whistleblowers, but rather spies who sold secrets to enemies for profit.

As a developer also I felt Obama’s stance was very unreasonable, this and the fact that he did not to the view of many black americans deal with police brutality and the war on drugs that mainly targeted black americans.

Turning the attention back to Trump and how he won the elections against Hillary Clinton, I feel the democrats weren’t fully prepared for a successor when Obama’s term ended, Obama’s slogan “Yes we can, Change you can believe in” ended with change that wasn’t on par with what his supporters expected. Trump’s slogan “Make America great Again, America First” would resonate well with those hoping for change too.

Not only was he expected to be the man who could run the country as a Fortune 500 company and fix it, he also was expected to be rich enough not to be bribed to get enough campaign money for his presidency campaign. There is some truth in the problem facing America, Michael Moore’s has a documentary that shows how the morgage system has been made to take advantage of desperate americans and the end game is to own their property leading to multiple evictions, the state became so serious you could buy a house in Detroit for the price of a DVR! Take a moment to digest that even though it’s believable to state slums “the projects” exist in every country, this is one problem that affects all the races equally.

A mural by Williams in downtown Atlanta features the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., titled “MLK Wake Up.”

Hillary was picked to be the democrat’s presidential candidate over the second best option “Bernie Sanders” my opinion is his slogan “Feel the Bern” and his ideologies would have done better against Trump and the fact they eventually got political dirt on Hillary in the email scam that nearly got her prosecuted had it not been for her professional negligence clause got her off the hook. She wanted to be the first female president in America while Trump was the candidate without any prior political history going straight for the oval office, this race was amusing, at the time the polls clearly had Hillary as the winner.

Where Trump was pictured as a male chauvenist with his comments like: how do you know she’s good… where he replied “I grab them by the pussy” I think it’s funny because it’s consentual, he’s not randomly finding a girl and grabbing her pussy before he starts spitting some lines. You try that on someone without consent you’ll likely end up being slapped and getting your ass sued equivalent to your net worth in his case it would be alot so best believe he wouldn’t be likely putting himself in situations where he could be easily sued for sexual misconduct.

Take one comment that was stated by a comedian during Obama’s tenure that he didn’t vote for him or his policy, he voted because of her, Michelle Obama. She was the first, first lady that was fuckable. There is some truth in this though given the fact we expect politicians to be married and happily married at that and the wife the more beautiful she is and her charisma ends up boosting the approval ratings of her husband. The same effect would apply for Trump and Melania, Trump doesn’t fuck around, he goes for the hottest he can find.

Another hit on his character is his scandal with the pornstar, but when Bill Clinton was getting a blowjob from his secretary, it was not only beyond hilarious he got caught and spent an eternity in the dog house, if there’s a problem with his character in this sense then “50 shades of Grey” should piss of the same group as much. Frankly if a celebrity or comedian went around stating “you know I’m the direct kind, I’ll let you know I mean bussiness by grabbing your glove box” it wouldn’t illicit as much of an uproar. This is an age where men have a legitimate reason to be afraid of women, trust me if you end up crossing any of her lines she could put you in a world of trouble, we tread lightly these days.

Anyway the man isn’t a knight, he’s not dumb either a big mistake the other side seems to not understand; if you’re enemy can convince you he’s a fool, he’s already won half the fight, you won’t see his attack till it’s too late, something I learnt from Anime. He’s the same straight talking guy in the Apprentice show who can fire you off a gut based whim and stick to his script regardless of evidence to the contrary that it was a bad move. Confidence works wonders for business, it convinces investors, can affect you’re share value and it’s one of the main things a hiring manager will look for in an employee.

He can in a meeting call the 3rd world countries, “shithole countries” and still remain apologetic because he knows his underlying principles to call these countries this. If you take a step back and separate the context of calling a country not a person or people shit hole you could then agree or disagree that the policies of the country are shit hole and in general that makes life there in general as bad. He’s privy to the the a daily digest from the Intelligence Community and probably then knows if didn’t already the underhanded schemes going on in these countries, so ask yourself are those in power in these countries doing a shitty as job?

One more thing is his stance on illegal immigrants, people feel his taking a hardline stance, but at the same time Europe closes it’s borders to refugees from Syria and the region seems united in this stance and likely any country would rather leave the EU than have to accept more immigrants through the region. The wall might be excessive but if it decreases the number of immigrants then it’s served its purpose. Not saying it’s a fool-proof plan but it’s his best plan and one he touted during his election period.

If Trump does end up convicted of colluding with Russia and is jailed I’d still consider it a funny ending to his presidency but he likely won’t be jailed, the WaterGate scandal which could be compared to this ended up with the president at the time resigning and I believe that was the end of that.