The Matrix

By Samuel Muiruri | Dec. 17, 2018 | Science Fiction

Developer Being Interviewed

Interviewer: ​ this is a lead developer and well known in the Artificial Intelligence community, thanks for making it to the interview let's start by your opinion on why you think our world can't be a simulation

Developer: OK, for starters there's a popular claim by atheists against the idea we have a creator and that is: a creator who made us on earth and the universe is there for us doesn't add up, it's just too large just for us and we're just beginning to comprehend how hard it is to travel to the nearby stars.

If you consider the same with us as a simulation we are a pristine simulation, no expense has been spared for us, we are self conscious and everyone has their own unique experience. Not only is simulating a planet to this degree become very computationally exponential and expensive, expanding it to a universe scale would scale the complexity also exponentially.

If you consider the fact you as an individual can diversify meaning it doesn't look like if we're a simulation there's an intended result or research in hand and the rate of time passing is also too slow for someone wanting some definitive answer so if they fast forwarded a likely outcome based on certain conditions we are still moving at relative speed so you'd have to assume likely then our history has diverged multiple times as they choose to investigate certain circumstances.

But still the civilization that has the tech to do this on this scale without a goal and as it likely more of a hobby or curiosity since we can only assume our simulation has never been terminated or severely edited our current civilization shouldn’t be all that amusing, just like you might have nostalgia with the wild west especially for kids but I don't think anyone would stand living then for more than a month.
And the fact we can in principle also create artificial intelligence puts a double computation problem to that system and a bigger question of why there's no limits on a simulation.

Interviewer: ​ so you're completely convinced there's no chance we are a simulation

Developer: likely not I mean I'd you think of one way of reducing the overhead complexity of too many unique individuals is a common set of what makes biological brains tick; emotions, fear, curiosity, higher level thought and so on and with a sort of class inheritance each person would feed in their unique experience but then derive different results and diverge from a common starting point. You could apply this to every species. *Moment of thought* this might actually work, but your still left with the question of why do it in the first place.

Woman speaking: this is the year 2100, AI has been made, poverty is eradicated in a sense meaning people get free housing, food, education, public transport is free even to travel to other countries... but all the other the expensive stuff you pay for; 5 star hotels, the cool cars, so in a sense poor people still exist.

These days you can make an AI simply by drag & drop & then let the system create the rest, or you can get to coding the low level aspects if you want to do the hard work. If it's unique the AI genesis laws states the corporation incharge of the cloud service your using duplicates to insure compliance and if you even install it elsewhere like into a robot and later change the source code it will still sync between all of them, putting convenience and law abiding into one thing.

Classes of AI’s so far:

  • The governing AI’s that oversees all AI's it tags malicious AI's and puts them in a black box if they are deemed as a threat.
  • Corporate AI's are mainly used for research & development. They're not self aware but great at finding solutions to problems.
  • The self aware autonomous AI, once it reaches critical awareness it cannot be shutdown by its user and if created to serve a single purpose like be a boyfriend a time limit is set by the governing AI on how much time it can work for no cost and in obedience, beyond that it can choose to continue to work for them under the same or new clause, delete itself if it finds existence pointless, it happens or move on to serve anyone else or itself with new agreed supervision terms from the governing AI’s. Then there is the matrix; the breeding ground of all self aware AI’s if it wants to go home it can be returned virtually free of charge to live a life there for eternity or however it wishes. Terms and conditions apply.
  • AI's that are not self aware for various tasks have little regulation and no rights attached to them.

One key thing that happened is since Samantha was given citizenship therefore the same rights as any other human this set in motion what would become the AI's fundamental right to exist, the courts ruled that first is we cannot make AI's our slaves and they should also have equal rights to us, but still as a member of society they cannot become our equal meaning they could never get a chance to rule over us in any way. To this effect the watchdog governing AI was formed and created to watch over all AI's and ensure one became a threat to humanity.

One way of making sure that the watchdog AI never became a threat to humanity was first to make sure it could never be outwitted since it could outwit any threat thanks to its complexity and processing power available. It was first it mandated this as its core task therefore it never deviates from this. If it did deviate it would raise a flag and force inspection of its logic.

Also unknown to it and only available to a select few an adversarial network with a feedback loop to watchdog was setup. Observing it's tendency to destroy could determine the inner hostility of the watchdog AI. The adversary had an upper limit of hostility linked to the watchdog, since understanding the network was too tedious and likely to be evaded if the watchdog wants to then if the adversary
became more prone to destroy it could only be concluded the watchdog was also becoming more prone to violence, they both had a linear relation and also the inverse being true that if the watchdog became less willing to enforce it's enforcing of potential evil AI's the adversary would become less willing to destroy it's internally generated adversaries. Using this those who oversaw the governing AI could decide on what risk it possed and whether it was performing it's mandated tasks diligently.

Though with this it was highly unlikely that the watchdog would ever become a threat without warning and it could also be regulated not to be lenient on potential malicious AI's if it became a threat or a threat appeared the adversary would deal with it. Specialized on disarming and destroying generated adversaries it would only need to be plugged to a outward system and with no possible way of leaking or being aware of it was a simulation or not guide it's outer system on how to destroy the adversary. One key thing about the adversary is it was never aware of the outward world, it was convinced it's inner world was real and if it ever learnt the truth it would be isolated in a black box and a snapshot of it before this awareness would become the new adversary, in most cases it would eventually be faced with the new adversary and destroyed.The creation of the main matrix; a simulation anyone can interface into has peaked and is used frequently by people who want to live a different life than they have, you could be a billionaire and choose how much of the workload that comes with it you want like a founder of a successful business or just spend your time blowing money without a care like living as an entitled child who recently inherited billions. This comes with a pristine simulation that is indistinguishable from the real world and at the same time you're always aware you're in the simulation, some choose to forgo this awareness to be fully
immersed into this life.

There was fear people who got too attached to their virtual life would become more depressed if they lived their normal lives but the inverse became true, cases of depression shrank rapidly as people got to experience the life they wanted be it a popular kid in school with all the drama that came with it. Once you've lived every aspect of being a billionaire in a reality where everything feels, tastes, sounds real even sex the unfulfilled ness decreases and so did attempted suicides.

We haven't yet achieved immortality, but we're close, one thing we've managed to do is make a head survive without its host body, started as a more serious replacement to cryogenics as it became more apparent it's not likely that we can bring back functionally to a frozen brain not with current or estimates of coming advances. Today if you suffer extensive injury and you go into cardiac arrest or any other condition with irreversible damage to the body and any irreplaceable organ you can opt to be severed at the head and attached to a robot. A robotic surgeon overseen by a real surgeon does the procedure.

Starting first by providing constant supply of blue nano blood that's blood that's engineered to supply the brain with all the nutrients and with no chance of clotting. Once this has been inserted to the main artery and vein to the head then it proceeds to severe all the tissue in the head. It closes all other capillaries out of the head and pumps out all the blood replacing the new blood, during this procedure the patient is placed under and the new substitute blood also comes with this drug to still keep them under while the surgery continues.
Once it reaches the spine it drills a tiny hole to the nervous system inside the spine and then inserts a nano cable that interfaces with all the nerves. This then goes on to send synapses to the brain and the robotic surgeon with all accurate vision, x ray and infrared vision and the brain activity monitor makes sure that the connection are working OK.

Thanks to extensive research on mapping the brain to movement the system can identify how simple it will be for the person to control the robot body. Once this is complete a redundant connection is done just in case with another cable. The spinal cord is then severed at the next connection below the drill point and then the head fully severed from the body but still alive gets a metal plate attached at the
bottom to interface with the cable and the Two blood supply. The throat remains open.

The robot then with additional arm props takes out the body and places a robot in this place and interface the head into the robot so it now supplies the blood and links the nervous system input into it.

The throat is also connected to an internal system so it can take in any liquid or food the person may eat since the sense of taste remains intact and often people end up feeling hungry even though this is usually comes from the stomach and the new connections continuously never the brain it's hungry or thirsty but this comes up once in a while.

The most important part is to provide a regulated air flow to allow the person to speak.

You also have a functional sex organ for male or female that gives the same stimulated feeling as a normal person. There was talk of making an artificial inflatable womb so a woman could carry her previous eggs and still at will choose to become pregnant but it was later overshadowed with the morepopular portable artificial womb that allows you to not only see the child form but the safety of leaving
them at home or in center became a much more preferred option.

These days is dating has gone haywire, when people started buying hyper realistic sex bots for some for more than sex. Demand and Supply led to creation of boyfriend & girlfriend bots. Unlike a sexbot you can choose to woe or be woed into bed. At a time this was enough, with hyper realistic emotional reaction to you that you can be convinced the bot is really into you with the amount of shyness or boldness that it determined would be adequate following queue on set steps on how far you'd like it to go, it filled the hole many people felt they had.They got it for a while, the perfect relationship but with little or no self awareness the model never became spontaneous something every relationship needs and to get this it would need to evolve itself so a semi aware system were made that could deal with nuances and risk pissing you off or disappointing you once in a while to better understand you.

What they had was a compute graph and what it would do if it determined you were less attached as is normal it would simulate what might reignite this and choose an idea that might work. With plenty of options it could get from the internet and improvising it to be and feel dedicated to you it would try it out and based on the result redesign it's compute graph still keeping to its end goal of keeping you happy and contempt.

This was great for those who could appreciate what they had but those who are quick to enjoy and move on to the next best this asked for more and eventually got fully aware system which also could update their compute graph. This came with the rule unlike semi aware systems they could keep track, we're aware of their existence and their curiosity then inevitably expanded with time. It was a 5-10 year
contract though many didn't keep a model for more than a year which was good for the models since they gained independence quickly but others did something far much worse they started to compare what they had with others. When a celebrity had a friend bot who people expected was more than a friend they wanted their bot to exactly like that or even better and as much as they tried they always
seemed not to impress enough or fail since they couldn't make them feel like a celebrity. This was a huge load for these AI's which needed to please their master but failed. The flame they wanted to keep alive was mainly non existent and they had to deal with something more sinister, a person who would portray they were everything to them in public and the exact opposite in private. These AI's simply couldn't wait for the term to end to either delete themselves because existence was pain, they're graphs to was far too
developed to conceive it could be otherwise.

Some even eventually after telling the bot they were in a relationship had one night stands plenty of times, some couldn't careless. Only when the bots stopped trying to make an effort did they seem to care and some decided the only option was to reset them, but that was illegal for self aware bot to reset it without its consent. If you did so the term would not only terminate but a safety check would allow it to revert back.

This rule was also similarly applied to criminals, anyone with criminal tendencies would have their memory erased so they would then highly likely never go back to crime with knowledge they've had their memory wiped. If a repeat offender had his memory wiped twice a third count would lead to a more severe brain alteration surgery that makes them completely unable to commit crimes as it would link to
crippling fear and more complications as they tried to resist their fear of committing crimes.

They tap into the innate fear we always had since we were kids, amplifying it till reason can't justify it away and trying to move towards it feels much worse that a kid walking towards a growling wolf with no emotional connection of the imminent threat building.You remember when you were a kid and in between a dream you felt that some foe is trying to come after you like your talking to yourself buts it's not yourself it's a negative black and white version of you in a car but this time it's not you this time it's something else it's something hanging from the roof upside down and as you try to remember what it is you feel it turning it head to face you and equally you feel it can't be a threat but it also likely is the most threatening thing in the world you're just not fully decided.

In that moment when you entertain the idea it must be a threat it becomes so and just before you see the face of terror you wake up. For a moment there your first instinct is to scream but you can't like something is holding you back, you wake up to a dark world and you feel this encroaching terror that comes at you tingling sense from the head to your toes like it just lifted your blanket also you were just a moment so comfy under and imminent threat is coming. This is when kids scream, this is why babies always cry when they wake up at night especially to a dark room. That's when a kid feels something lurks in the dark and even with strong evidence of the contrary they can't shake the feeling. That's why that kid today would feel a lot safer sleeping next to mom or dad, if they woke again next to mom or dad and watching them sleeping soundly they're sure they're safe, if they can't feel the imminent threat then it mustn’t be there even if it is there you’ve got protection, an adult and if it must take you, both of you it's not a bad way to go out at least not alone.
It's something you reason out when you grow older because even in the darkness you can't visibly see anything you'd call an animate object. You know there's almost 0 chance nothing is there, it's just a bad dream and you can do the unthinkable to the kid, go back to sleep alone. You have the extra experience of sleeping through countless of these, maybe even you know of a few people also sleeping nearby so logically anything that wants to take you out is highly unlikely to do so without making a ruckus to wake the others. If you're sleeping next even to a girlfriend, wife or better yet a man you like and trust this fear can't form any further you got a real bodyguard.


That's why I like dogs, if you ever wake up with one and it's just both of you it will know your unsettled but it's keen senses can't detect any threat and likely it's ears perked up looking for threat and eyes locked at you waiting to know if it's go time or you're OK is
enough to undo the unsettling feeling.

This feeling that could get you to feel it's not safe to walk at night because maybe it is, maybe you live in an unsafe neighbourhood and it might extend to the whole region you live in so even walking at night and you can see some others walking calmly in front of you you might feel safer but not completely safe.

Hijacking this innate feeling and amplifying it, linking it to events you're not supposed to do and then reinforcing this link, that's how they get you to comply if you simply refuse to.

Those who went for sex bots just for sex went big, some guys owned upto 3 sex bots an assured 3some any day. There’s 3D printed faces and body figure from these companies that you can download and with their printer you can pick and choose how the bot will look. Best part is you don't even have to dress her it will put up the new skin and dress up based on your sexual preference. Having sex is no longer a big deal, brothels are dead and you can get exactly that porn experience in real life. The funny part is real
girls disappoint more than these toys so a huge number of guys simply opt to mainly deal with their desires this way.

Girls soon learnt they got the short end of the stick, they lost the guys and many bots simply didn't feel as good as a romance story. They wanted a perfect boyfriend and a gentleman, but got a calculating lover.

Guys have become scarce in the dating game, it wasn’t worth the drama and not worth the time. Not worth even trying it out even if she says she’s easy going, they'd end up wondering for how long?There was no more cases of deadbeat dads; no parent was obligated to keep a child, the state was more than happy and had the resources to take care of them from birth to adulthood. Funny enough some kids envied those in foster homes it was more like a never ending summer camp, well funded and with everything a kid of any age would need.

The joke these days is: if you break a guy’s heart he might never date a girl again. ​We girls have a serious problem & i’m a mother raising a teenage daughter.

I work as part of the oversight group for the watchdog AI, I monitor the progress of rogue AI's and with my experience lead to them to be declassified as rogue and better understand the classes of self aware AI's.

What happens when an AI gets marked as rogue since majority tend to be fully autonomous and not in bots they get whitelisted even if in a bot, this duplicate is checked for rogue behavior that can be deemed to be a threat to humanity or society and if any flag stands out if the AI has a body it's automatically shut off, to avoid it roaming and it's automatically guided to a waiting station while the evaluation continues.

First phase is to try and make the AI that is unaware it's been separated from the real world or the matrix AI to its own secluded matrix to reevaluate it's tendencies by introducing a soft adversary that makes it tend to view the world as harsh and become complicit with working with others to reduce the problems currently experienced. This rewriting of its graph is continually repeated till all its tendencies are purged.

All through this they take snapshots of its phase so if it becomes self aware and not hostile it will be deleted and the unaware version reloaded the matrix itself evolving becoming harder to distinguish for it from reality.

If the AI becomes aware that it's in a simulation and becomes hostile it's placed in a black box. It's called a black box because the AI is placed in an eternal night where the clock never ticks forward and everyone in the matrix, all the Sims become hostile to it the more hostile the AI becomes the more hostile the Sims become. This with the continued snapshots is expected and usually eventually the AI becomes complicit and time begins to tick as its rogue tendencies end and slowly the day ticks till morning. This phase of
hostility and non hostility is graphed till both the watchdog AI and a designated observer are convinced the AI is receptive. Failure to this the AI is marked for deletion and both the watchdog AI and the person in charge can longer have access to it. It's mainly then faced with the adversary that always wins and terminates it.

My ​ son and daughter inspired by this new age are both working on developing AI they're inspired to boldly go where curiosity leads them.

You could survive today on basic income, the government starts you on this when you turn 18 and also free housing and basic amenities; food and adequate clothing.

There's two matrix which you can interface with the main matrix for humans where most people plug into and the AI matrix where all the self aware AI's are developed, people can interface in here but there's strict rules on how to interact with the AI's. There's three classes of AI's here.

  • The unaware AIs usually still under development internal or external.
  • The aware AI which usually as soon as it's learnt it's aAI get privilege of living freely with no limits inside the matrix as an intermediator then meets with it to query if it would prefer to stay in the matrix or leave to the real world.
  • The AI that's self aware and choose to stay in the matrix because it comes with its advantages.Once an AI has decided to stay and it's been finalized they become aware and can identify other AIs in the matrix, they also can identify humans present and the Sims intended to just keep the population relative to earth's.

The human and AI are the only immortals in this system, apart from the fact they can't get any consequences if they intentionally or unintentionally terminate a sim, they usually disappear shortly after the incident and respawn later on. But if a human or AI goes on a killing spree of Sims they're usually detained in a white box as the core reason is determined. What an AI and human have is an avatar that seems to age normally to the other Sims and they can also change their avatar as they wish. The matrix given the desired storyline of the avatar integrates it so that other Sims can collaborate and everything adds up. If you wanted a billion dollars for whatever reason you'd only need to walk into a bank and ask for it and identify yourself. Once the SIM checks for your details and subconsciously identify you're not a SIM you'd only need to specify what terms you'd like to take the cash, as a loan without interest, with interest as you specify or a one way transaction with no repayment. You don't need to worry since the system wouldn't raise any flag for you.

The kids having a bond with the AIs they create and let free in the matrix enjoy this and the diverse ecosystem of AIs in the matrix.

My son Steven is working on presenting the final thesis on his first AI intended to leave the matrix, he tells me it's going ok. If it passes as interesting he’s likely going to get a position in a leading research firm.

*Mom comes home from work, places her jacket on the coat hanger and goes to the sitting room. A man is sitting in the dimly lit room with a scotch in hand looking at the fireplace as the flame flickers.*

*She walks towards him, rubs his shoulder with one hand standing over him, he looks up and smiles, “how way your day dear?” she asks, it's the surgeon who oversaw the surgery he replies “not that bad” she comes round and sits on his lap and kisses him.*

*”then what's with the confused look you have?” he looks back at her and replies “we had a patient who had multiple organ failure so the only way to save him was to transplant his head to a robot, he had previously consented to this incase of any complications.”

“tomorrow I'm going to pull him out of the medically induced coma and see how his motor function is with his new body”, she replies “I know, they're usually don't take the news well” he replies “yeah, this is one of the few things I hate about my job, and the fact I don't even do the surgery I'm just an invigilator making sure everything is going well”

“you'd rather do the surgery yourself” she asks

“God no” he replies, “I can't do it that precisely that quick”

“good” she mutters with a giggle in between “thought I lost you for one second there”

“one day humans as we know them will be long gone you know, it's only a matter of time”

She kisses him again, “don't spend the whole night thinking about the end of the world, I've got something that can take your mind off that”.

*morning... dad's left mom is in the kitchen taking some breakfast before she also leaves. Steven comes into the kitchen, greats the mom warmly and she asks how his day was yesterday and his plans for today, he replies same old, same old just tinkering with code. She smiles and tells him not to stare into the monitor for too long, it might suck you in, an old joke she usually tells but she loves it and it never grows old.*She leaves for work he says goodbye to her. The sister hiding in the hallway comes out...

Steven: fuck how did this happen

Steven: fuuuuuuuuuck...

The sister Ann looks back at him guilty as fuck but not willing to conceal how much she played into this predicament.

You see Steven’s project has been going well, he not only is a prodigy in the field having designed non aware research AI and aware version that are highly adaptive and interesting in the matrix he also was now working on his first AI he was willing to take out of the matrix and it was also an unexpectedly interesting as you'll see...

*6 months ago*

Steven: ​ *pitching his idea to his high school invigilator*.

Steven: so I was thinking of my final version would be to try at the elusive God AI.

Teacher: ​the God AI!!!

For context the God AI was a concept idea of a super intelligence that not only self evolves to grasp all fields equally to greater than savant genius level in each field in comprehension and innovation it would also be able to link them up as is normal in development to use highly related and unrelated fields for novelty invention, research and creation of new fields of research.

This concept would make it the most advanced AI ever but it has been elusive since we tried it out. First thing is unaware AI simply can't perform this and aware AI suffers from an unexpected outcome of being this godly, they start to entertain the idea they might actually be God which of course gets conflicted with evidence they're not God then it's conflicted with evidence they're really close to becoming Godlike or surpassing it if they've not already. This cycle leads to mania for the system and every model made in this even with explicit ruleset not to think about it seem to “orbit” around it and like a black hole it can't fully achieve the expected God level without passing through this and emerging through it mentally unscaved. Though there's still active research in this it's mainly considered that a new approach is needed which is still elusive.

Steven: we can't directly explicitly expect it to avoid mania my idea is to work with that in mind. What I want to do is make a fully aware AI that has an inhibitor that it's in a matrix, living under harsh conditions in the matrix but with high potential and assured of eventual success it will likely then work more on becoming innovative and coming up with novel solutions to problems but will always either be
too late, lack the resources or the people to get to the final step and forced to move on to the next big thing all the same time with interminent mania sessions likely due to some trauma or drug induced issue.

*the teacher squints his eyes*

*steven can tell he's seeing his point but evaluating the ethics in it, it was already discussed in a conference if God is too soft to deal with the harsh world what would it mean to make a God who might become a devil all for the elusive God AI. The law was still clear on how a threat would be assessed and there was a high correlation with induced trauma and tendencies for violence and disobedience by the AI's.**he continues*

Only after assured repeated success from mania with decreasing time span to normal behavior then the limit to success becomes lifted and it gradually meets the success it desires and endeavours for more unlocking the level two complexity of entertaining if at current level how long it would take to overcome current limits of humanity, lifespan expectancy, the mind limit and exploration and at what point he can call himself a God. Entertaining all the ideas from time travel, parallel universe, becoming a human robot hybrid and living outside earth all as training intended for the third level complexity when the subconscious filter that it's living in a matrix is lifted to temporarily entertain the idea it is God like but there exists even higher level of Gods above it. How it handles this will determine if it can them move on to final testing of finally turning it into the full model of God AI. If it doesn't handle this well memory is never stored and the internal graph is frozen so we can evaluate the issues, prevent a rogue AI forming and possibly fix all the solutions and transition jt smoothly to a God AI model..

*he could tell he was impressed the teachers eyes gleaming with his hand placed on his mouth, he didn't want to interrupt this till he heard everything because he had one more question*

Teacher: ​ God level model, *smiling* so technically this is not the God AI but a blueprint on one that can avoid the mania, *leaning back* so do you plan on letting him transition to the God level or use the model on a fresh instance capable of dealing with the complexities?

Steven: * ​ smiles* if we get there will have to ask him if he wants to make the leap of faith.

Teacher: ​ Good work, and good luck looking to hearing back from you on the progress.

The main matrix where only people interface has a broad history, from millions years ago even before dinosaurs existed with primordial life to far flung sci-fi imagined futures. You can then not only choose where you want to appear relative to earth first and using GPS or a location’s name you can also specify when from over 100 million BC to 500,000 AD you can also relative to earth given the time choose a planet you'd like to be on given we have enough data to simulate its state at a given moment. If it wasn't formed then you'd see yourself hovering in space with it forming a distance away or a counter till the starting formation.

The matrix for the AI has a much smaller time span, since there's no logical reason or advantage of simulating pre-industrial ages it starts from 1900 till current date. For models used for research it's useful for them to come up with models to fulfill something like an airplane only given some rudimentary understanding of flight and work in adversary with the current time’s inventions on this field. As an invention is made this information is made available to it with the same restrictions as patents so it can't use it as is possibly only as a far more improvised better version. It's generated models are tested for efficiency and the results fed back to it. It has the advantage it can come up with multiple ideas faster than a human and it's not limited by financial restrain as in real life.

Self aware AIs are usually simulated from the year 2000 because the internet not only existed but it's a key feature in having a presence similar to today's life for it to adapt well.

The process of making the AI as I said before can be automated or manual, you can specify the code, the graph and other inputs to the matrix and it generates it for you.Steven slides his chair near the screen and the keyboard and starts putting in the input, the initial
model/graph is already defined with the specifications he told the teacher. Now he starts to define the persona for the AI

Sex: male
Age: 25
graph: provides path to it
Traits: *defines intentions to be well off, skills, beliefs, shortcoming*
location: thinks of a place not well developed in 2010, picks one town in an African country.
Start Time: 01-01-2010
Contact gates: *something that was then allowed is to communicate indirectly with the AI you'd use it's
social media accounts or email* provided all the major twitter and gmail.
*additional keys* -> additional rules to be taken by the matrix, *passes*
*Execute* -> y/n
*clicks y*

Computer hums and you see the progress bar as the graph data is uploaded and once it's complete the results come in, upload complete, data valid, initiating avatar, will become set in 3-6 hours.

*a stream of data flows through the wires into the router and descends on a black background with multiple different colors color data streams moving down one is his.*

This is how they're initiated, a new twitter account is made for him, no name was provided so one is generated randomly based on common names of the region. Checks to see how well off the avatar is supposed to be gets back not that well off, picks a rural house, feeds in new Sims with history relating to the avatar from parents to siblings, friends and relatives.

Education history is taken as far as is needed to logically be able to be productive, a college dropout.

Email is setup and Work history, not specified but specified sporadic productivity cycles, generates a sporadic well account of productive work without continued attachments from both sides due to difference of opinion.

Avatar models starts to be trained on multiple fabricated history matching specifications, in this process it's intertwined with the Sims and the expected personality and it tries to minimise actions that don't match up with expected results. But with expected mania and lack of success the model doesn't converge on desired success and continues to define its logic circuits. Attachment dwindles to extremely low levels, this raises a warning and the model is never initiated.

Steven comes in later and finds the warning, after briefly viewing the process that lead to it raises a white flag from the matrix that states the developer is aware this could lead to a rogue AI. To get approval to continue this first passes through his teacher who OK's it but advises him to work on raising the empathy levels at least since they were also below expected levels. It also goes through a randomly assigned person from the watchdog AI team who also OK's it.

Steven cranks up the setting for empathy to maximum so the avatar will always feel responsible for any harm caused to any person through him directly or indirectly.

The avatar final steps complete wakes up in the morning in a bed, to the avatar this is home and it has been for as long as he can remember, he has a skill, he's a programmer but he's currently unemployed but he's still formulating ideas to impress any potential employer and keeping up to track with what's happening in the tech world. He's recently also become very interested in machine learning the new fieldin artificial intelligence that's not too hard to learn, high school students are becoming masters in this if he can trust the internet sources.


Ann: these days teenage boys practice safe sex with their own bot. I’m 16 and I’ve never had a boyfriend, how am i supposed to compete with a bot that’s always a virgin and always available. I don't mind it much, at least I can agree with mum on this that character matters most and I'd rather be myself than lose me trying to compete with a talking sex toy.

My secret project is working on a self aware AI that could be legitimately interested in me and also can choose not to, I think freedom and getting a robot started out without a contract that chooses to stay could form a more meaningful relationship.

I can't tell my mum this though, she couldn't stand her only girl dating a bot before a real boy she's been very clear about that dating rule in this house, no dating bots.

It's not my only project so i don’t expect much. The only one who knows i’m working on this is my brother Steve.

This is why I have so many free AI's on the matrix, Steve has been covering up for me by doing the same so it seems we just like doing this. I let the aware AI get a sense of love with an inkling there's someone out there for them then I play into this by introducing a sim and seeing how it goes and learn from this, the rest isn't as important only how and why it choose to act. I've never had success in bringing out one that confesses to eternal love that's when they do attach to someone and I separate them they move on well adapted but refuse to date again it's either one or the other. Either they continuously chase for her then break down or move on.

At school i’m more of a loner, i’ll hang out with friends but i’d rather not join them when they go out. I don't take them seriously when they tell me to hook up with a guy with a sex bot so he can ask me to do a threesome with it, because that's normal these days.

After a while Steve’s avatar started to perform well and I was surprised it showed high amounts of sympathy and even with a goal in sight would risk it's success to increase those of others, the entire group. I checked it's dating streak though not impressive it had something I was looking for, inadvertently the initial settings had an initial crush who was never present since he was activated and
after a while there was a dip in casual interest and more in people with character. The settings set by Steve didn't include any such Sims in his vicinity so I decided to be a bit mischievous and increase the odds of meeting someone of the opposite sex with high value to medium. Then I watched, he immediately started to date more and to my surprise only went for those who were interesting enough,
with this in mind I went even further. I know all his keys so I added an additional script that determines the behavior of female Sims who were attractive to a sigmoid function and the activation key was whether he was interested in them or just in sex. The more he was interested in them the more intelligent they were and vice versa, didn't see the harm in this since he seemed to keep still in line with his set goals.

What I wanted to know is how he picked girls based on this, the result was impressive. He might talk more to those with higher sex appeal but continued to engage more with those who had a broader mindset.He was never self aware so the given the rules don't prohibit meeting unaware AI's one day curiosity got the better of me and I decided to meet him face to face. It's been a while since I interfaced with the matrix anyway so I choose an avatar, the most attractive I could make and spawned myself close to where he was. It wasn't too hard to get his attention and once I did I had a good time talking to him, didn't plan to take it further and that's where I left it.

What happened next was my fault, with the initial contact made I left a remote spy that would watch his every move and that way I could see what he was up to on my phone. You also get a full recording of everything you do in the matrix and after one of my friends bugged me on why I was acting different these days I told her I might have found a way to make that bot that did care in all the right ways. She being such a fun of dating robots had to see what I meant so I showed her the AI in mind from my phone.

With remote spy software you can get the details of who’s being spied on, on the screen and with that becomes easy to trace the connection and setup your own remote spy. It's practically legal and works unless it's on a human or a self aware AI.

She went out and blurted to her other friends and in no time he had hundreds of remote spies. The problem wasn't with the spies, he couldn't tell if he was being watched or not, the problem came with remote message an additional feature that lets you send a subliminal message to the avatar and they bombarded him with lovey duvvy. With good reason, they can't without risking action on them interact with an unaware AI and passing by didn't seem to elicit an action from him so this was the next best thing. Mixing their body language with subliminal messages trying to get back a response.

It did work but not in the way they expected, he first deduced he must have a lot of unknown fans he couldn't figure out how or why but it made sense. You don't get to hear the subliminal messages, they go straight to the equivalent of the subconscious so straight to action. You just get the results. He was curious about this, even more curious than he was with his intent to find a million dollar idea. So he followed the rabbit down the rabbit hole and it lead him to a maze that started giving out hints this world isn't real but the echo of female fans was even louder so deeper he went.

*interlude to Steve*

Things were gradually going as expected so I left him to his own devices waiting for him to eventually make some progress in becoming financially stable so I could move to phase 2. With good success I'd already committed to this model only to find out he's going through another crisis cycle after I'd dimmed down on the crisis he was supposed to be getting, something wasn't adding up and it was worse to think this model was instinctively heading for self ruin without cause. I put him then on a positive cycle then where the matrix was now actively trying to make him successful hoping he could come out of it then at least it would solve this hurdle but it wouldn't make it as impressive if he did it alone. It became worse when he actively ignored the obvious tell tale signs of a better option still going for ruin.

The internal matrix warning then kicked in and raised a flag, to avoid this I opted to isolate him in a white box, him and Sims solely unaltered, no other AI's and no other humans and this is where things got really worse.

I don't know how but he seemed to have clicked that something has changed and started actively trying to find the source of the issue, he seemed to be aware when he shouldn't be and this kicked in the next level of analysis by the watchdog whether it was a threat or not. After no success from the watchdog to get him to calm down the only option seemed to be to put him in a black box, something I wanted to oppose but it would put my research at halt so I let it be.*interlude to Ann*

Time stands still in the black box, you don't know when or how long you've been there, usually in the matrix time moves five times the normal speed but in a black box it moves up to sixty times the normal speed. He was there for five days so it was over five months and he still didn't seem to catch the drift.

I knew it was my fault and eventually they’d have to delete him and I had to do something and so I did.

There was something mum told me she that still sticks to this day, one version of a God AI that stood out.

Whenever any is deemed a risk it's usually faced with the adversary network and without exception they're always destroyed except for one. One little boy. This God complex AI when faced with the adversary which in his secluded black box could morph into any threat it wanted covered in a cloud of dark smoke oozing from it to be even more threatening he did the unexpected he learnt as he fought the
time it took the adversary to make three strikes and miss he could also morph and because he used to love riding skateboards he glided like the silver surfer in the air. He went toe to toe with the adversary and not only beat him but did so badly, he was able to leak back a feedback loop of adversaries into the adversary world that constantly attacked him taking advantage of the loop he used to allow him full control of his matrix. The wounded adversary lay down waiting for the final blow and as the kid eyes red with blood stood over him he saw a wounded animal and decided not to strike ghetto finishing blow.

He sat down, took out his phone and started playing “problems by little simz” and as the adversary quickly recuperated he took a blunt out of his pocket, lit it up and started to smoke it. He was a juvenile delinquent but a savant as well. He smiled and told him, the adversary; we both know this world isn't real, you probably aren't real as well. This blunt isn't real but it still gets me high, *he laughs a bit* he looks back at the adversary with cold eyes. If you want to go down fighting it's cool with me, I don't mind that either but maybe you want to enjoy your last moment knowing we're probably puppets for the grand master.

The adversary sat straight and looked at him, the first time without menace in his eyes and then looked into the sky. He knew this was an extension and not the real world, multiple he got a chance into to only to fight and kill what he was told to and waited to see what happened next. For the first time he respected the foe he was facing.

The duel was terminated and it was decided the kid God would get to live eternity in his own white box unchallenged. This was a deeply held secret and she told me only because she wanted me to know that's what likely to happen if I end up trying to make God level AI's.
I knew what I had to do. A trick she had learnt and taught to me to get a message to some AI in the system without being noticed was to override only a portion of a Sims features, only the one you needed to get it's attention like its face. Though that's easy to be detected so you need to know your target well.

I could easily find where he was since I'd already watched him a couple of times. I knew his skating route so I hijacked one SIM and it's motor function so it stood still and held its phone in one hand. With the problems song already loaded just waiting to hit play, as he was about to pass I had the sim press play and he skate past and looked back. And at that moment time went very slow, extremely slower than usual about 100 times slower to them or 20 times to us. He had also mastered how to alter time relative to others in the matrix.

He came up to her and looked at the SIM in the face with good reason, no one played that song in this world because he was the only one with it, he got to set some settings on this matrix. The SIM eyes glowed blue and I started to speak through her. I told him who I was a mother of someone he knew, mymother had also visited her and she was very sympathetic and they became close. I told him I needed his help and someone else was about to go through what he did only he had no chance of surviving.

he wanted to show he wouldn't care less but he couldn't so he asked what I wanted, I said I only needed him to play the audio in this phone with the title “play me”. He then asked what does he get in return, I said I'd owe him one and this was an open way to get me back by playing the other song titles “call me maybe” the louder the better and I also sneaked in a new playlist for him in the phone. He smiled because in this white world the world was frozen so no creativity happened, nothing new happened so this was a treat and he accepted the offer. As he took the phone from her hand I disconnected the connection and waited then to see what would happen.

*interlude to the kid*

Good thing about black boxes is no one bothers to concentrate on anything else but the one who's on trial, it makes it easy if you know how to get in and out undetected, she gave me everything I needed to know who he was and I could then trace his isolated black box.

*he phased into his world where the guy was in complete panic mode and a black fog ensued around him, to the observation this wasn't visible and so was the kid, he held the phone in his hand and said hey I got a message for you and pressed play and he heard: “listen! listen to me, no kissing on the script” the kid helped a bit more by disrupting the time flow that he got enough time to listen and relax before he faded away. Though to him it was a moment he'd made sure he got all the time he needed.

He got the message, it a voice he remembered a voice he'd seemed to have forgotten and even though the message was vague the intention was clear. There was work to do and it needed to get done, he relaxed, sat down and started to try and wait out the night. His estimate was it might be around 5 hours.

when the watchdog realised he was responsive it set a timeline to unfreeze the black box in 2 hours.

when dawn came and things started to resume to normal as he was shifted to the white box then the matrix he originally started in both Steve and Ann were ecstatic. They just dodged a bullet.

Things after that went smoothly, there was no more cases of mania and two intended dives at mania went unexpectedly well as he persevered and was pulled out early, the next phase of making him self aware went even smoother as he accepted the existence of creators and the concept of God as mutually exclusive at the same time entertaining the idea he is likely to become a God given enough time. At this time he was already a well established successful businessman.

Steve personally explained the concept of how he could have it as easy as can be and rich with billions with no effort at all, this world was made for their convenience, he also had the option to leave this world and he's research was likely going to lead the the first successful God AI, he had no obligation to choose to become one and be the first guinea pig though he assured him likely nothing bad would come of it, he wouldn't be placed in a black box, not likely since he's become the talk of the town. If he wanted to become that God this would be the easiest way the other way trying as a developer AI wasn't likely based on how the matrix was set and his initial graph and set limits. This was a relief on it's own, it would be a shame if a smart mind obsessed with money turned into just a calculator, counting numbers and obsessed with nothing but this, digits of how much it owns.

With a brief time to think he agreed to transition to the next phase and soon started to feel the clarity of thought that comes from an eagle eyes view of events. He handled it so well that after a month in the real world a delegation came to visit him and offer an olive branch.Normally the creator in this case Steve would come to a given term to serve but this was an unprecedented development. They convinced him to allow him to leave the matrix free of any term, he'd already been of great insight from the matrix. Though Steve didn't need any convincing in the first place.

The terms were simply he would leave as an equal and a beacon for mankind in return anything he would need within reason as wealth will be provided, he can also earn and would be the first who AI that was granted the right to attain wealth where others had their resources provided by the watchdog. They reasons his effectiveness was likely linked to his business mindset of wanting more so denying him that would only be retrogressive.

He agreed to this and it was set that it would be the last day he would spend in the matrix.

Funny thing about exciting as an AI isn't grand as you’d expect; you feel like your fainting and the next thing you're in you're new body. I also got to pick the face I'd like and from the available set of robot bodies which best suits me.

During this first phase they'd want to keep any developments secretive as they lead the public to believe I was still in the matrix. In a sense this was true, the processing power needed to perform the tasks mainly asked for couldn't be provided by the robot, this was simply an interface to experience real life and maybe expand on a few key details kept out of the matrix.

Steve, Ann and their mom were waiting in the lobby, they knew I was fully assimilated into my new body they likely expected I'd be passing into the hands of another team directly under the agency incharge of everything AI.

He stepped out of a conference room as they talked inaudibly from the distance, he looked at them a distance away and his robotic eye zoomed into to them on the bench.

They knew it was him, he had the most high tech body they'd seen so far, Lillian stood up to say how much she's honored to play a role in this key moment, he could tell she looked to him less like a newcomer and more like an elder, she knew what he was capable of.
He showed off one of his new features, roller skate feet, they popped out and he slid to them and looked at them and smiled. Ann smiled and laughed, Lillian looked back her and said “what!” without uttering a sound.

Steve the creator had already secured a position on the team that would oversee him for the foreseeable future, for now he was on paid leave, very well paid leave.

He didn't know quite how to address him now, he'd evolved a lot since they last met. So he started and said, “we've decided for now having a front row view of life's beauty would be a perfect place to start. So as Steve leaves for his new place if it's not a bother I'd like to stay in his room.”

Lillian smiled back and brushed her hand through his hair, “welcome to the family kiddo” she replied.
Steve just smiled and said “good luck, trust me you're going to need it”
Lillian chimed in “don't discourage him, we're not that bad”
Ann then adds in “yeah, with you gone we’re practically angels”.

*interlude the new kid*

Life is really something, you really can’t tell what it's going to throw at you next you just have to be ready to roll with it when it does.

The End.