The Immortals

By Samuel Muiruri | Dec. 17, 2018 | Science Fiction

It wouldn't make sense to believe humanity has had contact with aliens, the pyramids don't count as evidence and the same goes for the Mayan calendar but there is a hidden truth held by a secret society that they have and actively continue to pursue a goal set by the space fairing friends.

In the early 1600 aliens made contact with a few individuals after watching them from far, they were clear though they had no intent of making this public for a myriad of reasons.

They told them that for now humanity was known to exist but we were not only considered too primitive techwise but also in early awakening so as much as we were at a small risk of annihilating human life, we also remained an undecided on how we would be as a species, the peace makers or war making type.

There was multiple aliens that came together to form a society but there was always a problem with those who valued life too much vs those who valued it less. Those who felt they were the superior species and those who still believed in God's even after travelling throughout space and meeting other races. The difference in opinion was drawing in lines of what would be allowed and not when it came to treating lifeforms elsewhere.

These were the rules that came to be accepted and breaking them came with huge penalties

  1. You will not make contact with any sentient beings. If there is any risk to extinction from outside it would be voted if they would have the risk averted if possible without drawing attention to the society or they would have to be evacuated and then introduced to the fold.
  2. If a planet has no sentient beings and a nearby host plans to take over the planet they'd declare this and the fauna would be checked to confirm none have any sufficient higher level thinking proven by using tools and communities. The threshold would be the same as our stone age who had mastered fire, places to stay at night secure like caves and hunted with makeshift weapons.
  3. If a species was eradicated without going through this process the invaders would be alienated and if they continued to advance with this actions they would also be eradicated.
  4. If a planet was found and a nearby civilization wishes to be they're caretakers they would do so and primary wait till they discover the way advanced civilization made communication in yet untraceable ways.
  5. Once they discovered the existence of the other aliens and likely then started to transmit on this instant communication channel they would soon be visited and assessed.
  6. Sharing of tech was highly regulated especially any tech that can be used for war or re-engineered to become weapons.
  7. Others such as warp drives were shared under mutual understanding of the need not to be evasive conquerors, like the religious species tend to be.

The reason they choose to make contact was we were classified as highly prone to destruction and highly religious and the dark ages seemed like they were gone but our future was undecided.

What they told us is “the league” as we would call it was a former shadow of its former glory it once was.

Exploration was mostly a been there done that for these very highly advanced civilization, they were tackling more higher problems like how to leave the universe since they had overcome one of the biggest challenge of living beings and that is bringing on immortality and now they saw the universe as less grand and more flawed doomed for a graceless death where no tech could save them from it. They wanted out and they found a way out to the multiverse and to other universes where the universe lived for longer, was brand new and so on.

They still kept tabs on our universe since now they’d already become a civilization that spans multiple universes and especially they put in insurance that no one could delete them by travelling back in time and eradicating they're species, to simplify things they're timeline had now redundancies that snipping one wouldn't change anything except they would know and come after you and regardless the intention is to destroy you and reestablish the timeline, keep things as they were.

The main risk for them now was letting out any adversary from our universe out of the universe as they learnt there was multiple, multiple adversaries in the multiple verse.

They came to us to make contact because they were leaving and would also become a shadow of they're former self, ruins of civilization free for plunder, they're going light onto the next stage, you'd find world after world dominated by them overpopulated with local fauna & flora, it's there for the taking provided you don't try to travel back in time to figure out what went on. They left a snare in place and doing this wouldn't be received with a warm welcome and that was the primary reason they came, to give some advice since they won't be around anymore and to warn that future generations shouldn't try and pry into they're past using time travel.

The good news was since the league was started the protection of planets they cared about was completely automated, and completely undetectable. We would be looking at the universe as very volatile with asteroids that could strike us and gamma rays burst that could incinerate us but none would and the defence system worked and remained undetected.

The first clue they left for us is as we go on to explore the universe we would find the ‘black hole’ a dead star as they called it that is completely dark. They informed them that there was another much bigger one at the center of our galaxy and there we would find a treasure trove of alien life and tech since most aliens inevitably end up visiting the center of they're galaxy.These first pioneers were given one tool to use at their discretion, a pill meant to open the mind.

They had worked on ways to enhance brain capabilities and this pill would make your average Joe a savant, but it had its risk. As you know smart people seem to be highly prone to mental disorders and other issues like depression and suicidal tendencies, this pill made that possibility even far more likely to happen. The choice was left to the founders if to use it and when to use, one pill per person, taking more doesn't increase the enhanced capabilities or become lethal.

They left them with the recipe to make them, the core research behind it and millions of pills to use till they managed to make their own or improve the recipe. The logic behind they're incentive was to allow these few individuals to have an edge over any organization or
government and allow them to guide the organization to always be ahead of available tech on the market by at least a decade to help navigate humanity from self ruin and still keep to their core interest of self preservation and finding out the answer to the riddle of “where you are”.

Those were marked as the most important question and it implied our universe had a secret they seem not willing to tell us.

As decades passed the organisation which later on came to call itself “the oracles” expanded, they nurtured prodigies and when they proved they would be an asset and would serve willingly they were soon inducted told the truth and asked if they would willingly take the pill given the mental risks likely to follow.

Not all the members were rich, not all of them took the pills, some who took it remained in the middle income range and some who didn't went on to run multi-million dollar companies some went on to be multi-billionaires. The loyalty wasn't enforced it was done willingly so the organization never asked for anything from its members some simply chose to give something to it. Usually when there was a goal in hand that required a large amount of funds is when without call members would ask to meet with the elders, the old members who foresaw the managing affairs of it to inquire on the deficit and chip in. The beauty of it all was in the sight of community and ensuring they took care of their own they had no poor or destitute members, none had issues that would leave them bankrupt and none would use they're position to steal from the organization, it was counter-intuitive coming from a position of someone willing to be
helped all they need to is ask, more so an elder.

There was a reason they stuck to the name oracle for now since they usually change names from time to time to help evade some level of suspicion, some savants had an adverse effect to the pills and with savant like behavior similar to autism the pill would counter the autistic unsocial aspects and nervous ticks and still retain and amplify they're razor sharp interest in topics and allow them to apply this elsewhere.

The main thing that most couldn't handle is the data that was gathered about what's going on in space that made things look extremely bleak.They sent out a satellite at the same time sputnik was sent with the added advantage it went on further into space but still kept contact. With clarity compared to today's satellites but specific to look for key traits in certain planets the conclusion was disheartening, it seemed “the league” was dying, more planets were deserted.

They remained true to their cause and continued with research and development the next key step was to try and understand the key traits of what was now known as a black hole. The math didn't work, simulation didn't elaborate and the question of how it works keep being a mystery because at a point you simply don't know of what happens inside one.

One more thing they pushed onto find out was the way you could leave the universe since the answer wasn't keep moving in one direction and eventually you'd leave, black holes seemed key to explain how to make worm holes but for now even they couldn't figure it out. They however find an unexpected answer to this in what they did after getting an lsd trip of a couple of they're brightest minds on the subject in the early 90’s. This is what they eventually concluded, redacted some details.

They under hypnosis led them each to believe that they were already with the tech to leave our universe and as the first group they're point was to find out if it was safe for humanity to get there, the risks of what they saw among other things.

It was a group hypnosis so each could listen to each other and try to tell the other what they saw and try and discredit the other in the process, the one who hypnotized them however would decide whether the point was valid or not to move on. After the hypnosis was complete and lsd delivered the trip started.

The team captain found himself on an unfamiliar place to start with without his teammates as the beginning of his hypnosis, as he walked on he noticed he was on a crosswalk and it was drizzling lightly but there was an inkling of a threat present but he couldn't tell where as he was hypnotized to know.

He looked at a poster at a distance away and as he concentrated on it noticed something peculiar about it, it had the right layout of an ad but the words made no sense and as if constantly adapting if he looked it a while later something had changed. The conclusion was as he tried to calm down this was a generated world, somehow intentionally made to “feel” like earth with “agents” threats that would sniff out those who were not one of them as they battled to tell illusion from reality, likely everyone saw something different and he didn't know where the rest of the team was.

He was able to sense them, something he was hypnotized to believe was normal and just accept it as he relayed more information. The first conclusion was obvious to kill these threats they would need hounds, special hounds that had no sight but relied on another sense to huntthat can't be corrupted. He sat down first wondering if the rain was betraying his position, pinging his position to the enemies, he relayed back that you need to keep dry when you fight.

The first stage of hypnosis was complete then came the next step, flash back, back to earth still on earth unaware of the whole state of things but need to relay the risk level, what needs to be done to avert the risk that was present. This whole process was more like a back and forth coming to terms of what the likely results of the outcome of an encounter with multiverse civilization.

They were imaged more like gods in terms of collectively the ability of maneuvering the multiverse and capabilities towering in the space between universes and we would come out like a crystal a small yet unable to do many things the other do, the first risk was forced assimilation, if you think of us as part artificial intelligence or fully software based then we would be swallowed to be part of a hive without a mind of our own but to serve the main mind as its nest of hive minds.

To prevent this we would have to put up some level of protection as it became more and more vague on the battle in mind this was the final play, protection would be making us as a diamond incapable of being dug deeper than what was left at the source, at the same time there was the risk of advertely stirring a fight, the clause was we wouldn't have any way of protecting ourselves unless we retreat back to our universe. Unless we found a way to link up to another universe especially one that has no life for one particular purpose, to use all its energy potential as a weapon since it became clear that eventually at that epic scale it was likely the only weapon that would work and likely the only deterrent that was used.

This lead to what it seemed to be the reality of the multiverse, that universes that contained life were never used as a weapon in fear of snipping another God's timeline and risking backlash and at the same time likely some of these universes as populated with life at some point to secure them, likely ours was, likely but highly unlikely at the same time.

The Oracles still continue to work in the shadows.