The fool says there is no God

By Samuel Muiruri | Dec. 20, 2018 | Atheism

I choose not to believe in a God, I could though, I could decide that religion offers some altruistic lifestyle so I should believe, I could choose to ignore all the things I know are false and leave it be as “beyond man” and use faith and little evidence Christianity has as enough proof we were made by an all knowing man in the sky.

We as atheists aren’t just overly skeptical, the bible speaks of ludicrous claims that make it harder to entertain the more enlightened you become. A God who owns unicorns in a stable is just one of the many things I can start nitpicking since these are supposed to be the flying beasts Jesus and his army will come riding on. If they exist in heaven, did they also exist on earth, if so what happened to them? Should I believe they contain magical properties? Can really a horse with wings be able to “fly” with the wing to weight ratio, it would need to have insanely big wings in ratio to it’s body size and the energy spent on this would also make for a short flight and even shorter sprint later on running.

Or the story of the garden of Eden which has last I checked been located, meaning we know where roughly it should be but this oasis supposedly guarded by an angel and two flaming swords to protect one of the most interesting items, an apple of eternal life which according to Genesis God said let us cast them away from the garden so they don’t also take the fruit from the tree of life and become like us. Skipping who he was talking to he felt the difference between a man and a God is knowledge + eternity. That much I’ll grant the bible as true, we are today to Jesus’ time performing God like acts, for example Jesus cured a few people of Leprosy, we are actually found the cure of Leprosy. As someone once said advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Just to be clear if the tree survived the supposed Noah’s global flood but we know earth doesn’t have enough water to cover the tallest mountain i.e. earth cannot be a water world. Even with global warming we’re not afraid we’ll be living in boats in the future, they of course back then didn’t know of the hydrological cycle; water came from the heavens and seemingly disappeared into the ground. The earth seemed to have an insatiable thirst for water, you’ll even find a tale in revelation of a beast trying to drown a woman by regurgitating enough water to flood her but the ground on God’s command opened up and swallowed the water. And for the garden we would have found it by now and any cloaking magical tech would only delay the inevitable. With the promise of a tree of life you should expect serious expedition with military might that I expect can defeat two flying flaming swords and an angel.

As the story goes in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were “perfect” and immortal then a snake, some say it’s the devil some just an ordinary snake because back then animals used to speak, anyway the snake which used to have legs, I believe they’re referring to all snakes decided to tempt Eve to eat the apple and on this the story unravelled that as a “sin” she was cursed with pain at child birth, even though basically all animals feel pain during child birth, even egg layers too. And the earth was cursed so that you’d have to toil to make it bear fruit. The snake was cursed with no legs and full enimity with the woman who would crush it’s head with her heel, “when was the last time that happened” and it would bite the woman. So God also cursed all snakes supposedly for the mistake of one snake. Other perculiar things is saying all animals prior to this would only eat grass, imagine a dog chewing the cud, it also lacks enough stomachs “at least 3” to properly digest this. And lastly is Adam named all animals, for no particular reason because no one can honestly tell you what he named them, why did God create a new species and then come to a man and ask him, “what should we call this?” .

Like the supposed coup attempt in heaven by the angels who became the devil and his demons because they coveted God’s seat doesn’t add up. An all powerful, all knowing God who can perceive the future and past would not only be impossible to defeat since he is you’re creator with more power than he bestowed on you, he would also be aware of the brewing disatisfaction and continued planning and ignore it just like he would know of the empending doom of placing this particular snake in the garden with Eve and all the other horrors to come to date and in the future, but he does nothing because it would “intefere” with our free will. But still calling yourself the guide of the good, the guardian of the meek, those who were turned evil with continued exposure to a negative environment and experiences would beg to differ.

Think about it; I’ve heard of a challenge once pushed to every preacher who could claim to cure diseases with prayer to under lab supervision simply cure a man of the common cold. The story goes the scientist if this miracle happen they would admit that there’s a supernatural power at play and it has been tested and confirmed. Choosing a non life threatening disease made sure the patient’s health and life wasn’t compromised for this experiment and to a deity who cures virtually any disease this would be a trivial disease “if you think of the internal mechanics of killing the bug and reverting and bodily harm done by it”. There was some pastors who gladly tried the challenge and failed marvelously over and over again to the delight of the atheist spectators. Some counter argument would be God doesn’t perform well when he’s being tested much like an erection, but he was all about show and tell in the Moses days where he boasted he could set a pillar of meat on fire by prayer alone. We can try that also, much more believable too done under supervision, we would have to admit something beyond our understanding in the normal physical world just happened. My personal favorite though is no prayer can outperform an inhaler in handling an asthmatic attack, science is the new God, you’re living under it’s good grace which without you’re life would be practically more miserable and shorter. This science which was curtailed and frowned upon in the dark ages where religion ruled and refused to accept any doctrine that didn’t line up with it’s beliefs. But still I can think of one more miracle that supposedly isn’t limited to this particular God; in Moses’ time he was able to turn a stick into a snake but this was by far not impressive at the time since the pharaoh’s magicians could do the same; not one or two but a number of them, as the story goes there after Moses’ snake ate the other snakes. Even biologically speaking that feat takes one snake wrestling and overpowering the other then slowly devouring the other snake, doing the same to multiple snakes makes no sense as this snake would not only need to be a glutton but with an abnormally large stomach, eating that much could in fact then lead to it’s death or it becoming immobile. I bet though you won’t find mention in Egyptian history of magicians who turn sticks into snakes, any of these would suffice as evidence of the supernatural.

Anyway this is the 21st century where you’re average bloke could write more than a 2–10th century poet from typing into whatsapp, twitter, facebook and the rest of the social media, we are literally being flooded with information that we even learn not to trust whatever you see on the internet, we even so use the same internet to verify the authenticity of some claim. With Jesus appearing on toast then in this century as maybe a failed attempt of the second coming I can’t help but point out like UFO’s one credible fact could turn the whole body from fiction to fact. I’m not even wondering if Jesus intends to come back since he is basically declaring war with humanity, all those who remain, I’m happy though Trump likely won’t be taken into the skies and he intends to form a space force. Not to fuel the fear mongers of the coming tribulation, and note that the bible doesn’t speak of people being whisked into the sky but a number of special people reserved; 144,000 male virgin jews, what God plans to do with them or find such rarities as actual male virgins who I believe must have not learnt the art of fapping is beyond me, well rumor has since he’s currently maintaining three sects of; Christianity, Islam and Judaism he would take the men, do the multiply technique he taught to Jesus, you might have seen it in Naruto then he adds on the “sexy justsu” also seen in Naruto and turns them all into sexy ladies and serves them up to the… you know who. Anyway back to Trump, don’t expect him to roll over and expose his belly if an army from space tries to attack the US, be it from God or aliens I expect them to fight back and at least say we didn’t give in, we died trying, but wait according to the bible during this trying times we will have gotten a “nuisance” feature of immortality; so a man will try to smash a rock on his head to die and not succeed. I’d side with the immortal Navy Seals over the semi-immortal angelic army. I’m not yet done with my sacrilege rant though.

The thought of a heaven is not unique to Christianity but wasn’t available and probably still isn’t for the jews, all those “deemed” worthy to live in heaven is akin to a guest who has overstayed his visit it’s not that practical. The size of heaven for one is less than that of most states in US, read up on revelation for the exact dimensions. Much like Noah’s ark it would not house to many, the fact though that they also don’t talk too much about the inner and outer heaven much like seiretei in bleach is a recipe to show there’s favorism there. Not to mention apparently the place has 12 gates to represent the 12 tribes of Israel shows a still old christian view of them as the chosen people even more apparent in the old testament. A heaven made of pure gold and precious gems is nice but as any sanely and insanely rich person except Trump will tell you; it’s impractical to have a house of gold we’ve come up with better ways of flossing. As with everything too much of something will achieve likely the inverse effect. To prove this point imagine going into a rich guy’s house that has an obsession with gold; the house that has an exterior of pure gold will awe you and even more when you find nearly everything in the house is gold, when you start to encounter other things including the floor being made of the same, even forks and there’s even some dish laced with gold fillings the awe quickly fades away. Moving from room to room with gold, gold, gold theme everywhere you’d hope to at least find something that deviates from this “norm” and finally when you reach his garage to find gold coated… no pure gold chassis cars even to the inside and as much of the engine as possible you’d be more of less impressed and already be feeling this is a bit excessive, that’s the point. This version of heaven will likely like an ad being played too many times become annoying and the “skip ad” option feel it takes too long to appear, makes you feel like you should invest in Adblock and you should.

That’s the story of heaven and it comes with immortality, you’re life of sub servitude to your deity will hopefully be rewarded with immortality but you then lose your freedom to spend all eternity trapped in heaven forced to sing praises to him or else? Or else he might decide to start all over again, frankly if you could convince me this is the way things truly are like matrix you’d also need to work to convince me he’s not been working on our universe like a sketch and at a certain point if it pisses him off he erases it all and starts it all over again. Honestly the revelation which is meant to be the end of the world would only be an extinction level event on earth, barely noticeably from the moon not even visible from Mars, unless you believe he will then follow it up with destroying the universe, if you do believe this is premarital sex worthy of destroying a planet leave alone the entire universe? If God truly with this magnitude of space wants some place for his people why not take them and transport them to another better more perfect earth, he could even do it in secret like an abduction and since he’s only interested in souls he’d not even need to abduct you, or he could ask the sinners to leave earth, if so then please wait for Space X to finish it’s work we will be leaving shortly thereafter, after you prove you’re at least gini level power.

On the other side with hell those not deemed to be worthy will be rudely awakened from death eternal slumber to be told you pissed of God and you haven’t quite met his standards so he’s going to burn you, forever. Forever being longer than you’re lifetime, longer than the lifetimes of people who came after you, longer than the age of earth, whatever age you’d think it might be as a theist and that is a fraction, a minuscule compared to the eternity that is forever. This is long enough to turn a timid evil mad into a demon because if you take any sentient being and torture it close to the point where all it’s senses equate to almost near death and keep it there, hold this for eons this being will break, it will move past the point of breaking a man to tell you his deepest darkest secret, to the point he would betray his loyalty to spare some sanity, this is far beyond that, this torture will turn this being to one who forgets what normal is, this hell will become normal, that’s what the brain will have to rewire itself to accept and you will effectively be breeding demons and as stats goes the population in hell will far outnumber those in heaven so this non reformist programme by an all loving, kinda forgiving deity will breed demons that would make you think of the initial idea of demons in hell as practically feel, that is if it was real.

To state God’s as a son unnecessary sacrifice of death, not really though, he didn’t die unless we have a different meaning of death, he was with his trinity trick using one of his persona’s to temporarily play dead or if you’d have it go to hell and wrestle with the the devil for the key to death, when exactly did he get that key hmmm? and finally come back victorious and in his way of simply not playing low-key resurrected other people presumably in tombs near him. If you want me to tell you of dead rotting flesh with blood that’s gone and clotted coming back to life is nothing less than the walking dead even with some unknown magical sprucing that reverse these effects. He was effectively risking being caught again and getting crucified again by not learning how to deal with just dying and coming back to life even if you’re a God, I believe even gods have 9 lives so they shouldn’t waste them foolishly. Still to die to wipe the slate clean is a noble act but the b.s. of new T&C for the key to eternal life is a mafia like gotcha after you’ve already gone to bed with the creator of the devil. With that mind I know people who have given their life for less than the entirety of human species, soldiers have laid their lives for their country, to quote they also have this saying my only regret is I can only give my life to my country once. Some parents have been put in situations where they had to put their lives for their child, as sad as that is the parent would not have it any other way, they would not limit their child’s freedom like Bruce Wayne felt he should have, they’d likely be just ok if he acted like Tony Stark.

In the old testament there’s a number of quirky behavior like how to tell if a woman has been cheating with you; mix up some mud with water, feed it to the woman, if she doesn’t die or get extremely sick she’s been faithful just for starters. There’s the compensation for the father if you’re daughter is unexpectedly raped, you get some coins or some goats and she then marries the rapist, this should be adjusted for inflation since year 0. This is the guided work of the all knowing deity who should have considered the “me too” movement. Then there’s the rule that a woman’s period is unclean, given it’s not exactly convenient sexually or plain life, claiming she’s unclean and not worthy of going to the temple during her period is something I’d be curious to know if Judaism still practices and truly heavenly inspired.

I look at the story of Jesus with a lot of bugs, not to mention the others that are well known to atheist like the period it took to write the first Gospel and none of the disciples were literate so it’s all second hand information. Jesus comes to offer eternal life to us since prior to this the Jews knew when you die you simply cease to exist like every other animal and if you’re lucky you might be whisked to heaven on a flaming chariot, while you’re still alive and that of course lead to other stories like stairway to heaven that I believe Jacob saw. This isn’t just conjecture, the old world did not understand the skies so everything went around the earth and the stars were mere specks of light to us. Heaven was somewhere in the upper atmosphere and hell somewhere deep in the earth’s crust.

I could go on and on but fact is we live in a cold, indifferent world, you learn that more as you grow older, anyone who told you different lied to you. Those who are exception to this are the rich and those living in “the future” because we as humanity are working on our own version of heaven on earth while others live in hell on earth because the future is here but it’s not evenly distributed. The future might even promise you immortality and a world of abundance with no strings attached except for the stated price tag, the promise of immortality can come in science that’s not pseudo science like Alchemy and the solar system and maybe even the galaxy or universe is ours for the taking, to plunder and use as we see fit, I know if there’s truly a regret of the great minds in the picture above is they’re not born in that not to distant future and likely won’t see it. To finish it off, death might seem unpleasant but life’s value comes with a life worth living so if you fear death know you’re life must be to you worth living and that makes the moment’s more valuable to you.