The Climate IS Changing!!! Calm Down.

By Samuel Muiruri | Aug. 9, 2019 | Opinion Piece

The first claim that the earth is experiencing global warming at an unprecedented rate, but here's the thing, we are currently in an ice age, yes the type of ice age like the movie


but this time it's nice and toasty. So apparently the earth outside an ice age doesn't have ice at the poles so when the ice age ends in a couple thousand years we won't have any, will people blame tech and try to force the ice back?

Probably yes due to sentimental attachment to ice, because hippies are cool like that.

But best way to prove a point is pointing to experts in the fields and show what you should also know before you come to the conclusion that the earth is in danger. It's best to know the other side's argument simply if you want to properly refute it or see if base your arguments on a one-sided coin.