Samantha and Sophia, the fembots.

By Samuel Muiruri | Dec. 20, 2018 | Opinion Piece


Sophia the presumed “self aware” AI isn’t really as aware as the hype would have you believe, she’s not only mainly scripted to say something amusing and what is more amusing is how she’s almost nailed facial expression, not that surprising if you take into account the CEO and creator used to work with Disney to create humanoid robotics and that is primarily his major: Robotics.

What is amusing is she’s strayed as far from being classified as an AI or bot as much as possible, with the gimmick stunt of getting citizenship in Saudi Arabia getting her to be recognized to the world as worthy of the same human rights the citizenship offers and that alone made it possible for people to treat her less as an AI and more as a person. If you knew you were talking to an AI and wanted to know how smart it is there’s a number of questions you could ask to effectively confuse her like for example: “you seem cool, would you dab for me?” understanding what request was asked and in full understanding that she seems to be in full control of her body would be a general way to first see if she understood the request and if she truly can perform it.

Mostly though she’s throwing some half hearted humor and her seemingly half hearted smiles is what’s got most people intrigued and fooled to believe she truly is ahead of her time and among other AI’s. I’m though a bit curious if the same people would consider other AI’s like Alexa which not only have gone through the harder problem of dealing with a seemingly large amount of relevant, irrelevant and absurd requests and how she would compare to it.

If you want to know more checkout the video above.

The big players though know two things:

  1. More data will get us closer to our desired result: so they intentionally expose their Machine Learning Algorithms to new data and people to make it continuously learn.
  2. New Algorithms will probably be made to make Artificial General Intelligence: One that can not only transfer it’s learning to a new field but learn in general as we do.

Google’s latest innovation built on top of it’s Wavenet that helps create very realistic sounds are talking of a launch of a business assistant that could likely fool any human that’s it’s a human. They not only have a female and male version of this but one that is exposed to a reasonable and one that’s less flowing conversation just to see how well it would adapt.

I especially like how well it deals with double negatives, trick response like “No we don’t allow but it’s ok” so if it only took the first part it would take it as a No but it’s more of a yes.

Then there’s samantha, the sex bot that can speak to you, has skin that feels realistic and can be warmed up by plugging her to a continuous power supply.


It trended and was considered as a joke but with the high divorce rates and seemingly people getting more and more tired of the dating cycle this might be an option that will become more and more common with time.

It might be hard to get it to be exactly human but our psychology, what turns us “on” and “off” and what’s funny is something they can and are getting good at emulating. Once you get to like and feel attached to one of these bots future upgrades and if they also sync with the server meaning they get to learn from every experience you have with it will mean they will become better at reinforcing the existing attachments.