Perpetual Drive Generator

By Samuel Muiruri | April 21, 2020 | Idea GraveYard

I've added the sketch for the idea above so you can visualize what I mean, and the logic is simple. Take a normal generator and at the top where the spinning head would be, add a circular permanent magnet with the north side pointing up. It's important that this magnetism doesn't affect the one inside the generator causing it to work less efficiently so the material it's coated by should have adequate magnetic shielding.

Using the same material to shield this circular magnet with at the top circular windows that can be opened electronically, and finally at the spinning head of the generator a wheel that has 3 circular permanent magnets small in size about the size of large coin.

Now comes the trick or idea by opening and closing the circular gates that go all the way around the circular permanent magnet your going to expose the magnetism to the underside of the plate at the top, and it also having magnets with North facing down magnet, as this cycles around they should come closer and closer and repulsion should force the top wheel to spin in the same direction as the spinning fake rotation.

Given that a generator spin has little resistance and it's basically how it normally would generate electricity then if you programatically keep track of the momentum of the above wheel and the process of opening and closing below you can feed momentum to the wheel likely till it reaches it's maximum spinning speed or how quickly you can animate the opening and closing.

The interesting part comes in what you'd consider the energy spent to get the kinetic spin, it's boils down to simply the amount of electricity used to open and close the windows and possibly if you want to account for the computing chip vs the power output for the generator. I think it's a beautiful thing if it works, capable of being used as a very efficient transformer boosting the output from what power you currently have, possible places it could be used for might be practically everywhere. But it feels like a perpetual drive, something that could charge it's batteries if low and still continue to generate more power, it feels like it breaks the logic of physics and given with the physics I know I can't disprove it or currently spend time and resources proving it right or wrong this is my way of putting a nail in the coffin, if it's alive it will refuse to go down silently in the night if it's wrong it another whacky idea I had.