Getting Building Sand from Desert Sand

By Samuel Muiruri | April 22, 2019 | Idea GraveYard

First thing to consider is that there's an estimate that the building rate is using up sand which is usually harvested next to large water bodies is going to run out soon based on the estimated amount of sand used per year. If so there's going to be a point where we'll either need to find away to mass produce making sand or an alternative that can bind with cement as well or find an alternative to cement and sand mixture.

From short video discussing this it became clear that sand that comes from the beaches or next to lakes and seas is coarse compared to desert sand and so the smooth desert sand isn't viable to be used in construction. There's a reason for this, desert sand is formed from air erosion while beach sand is formed from water erosion.

But we can simulate water erosion quicker using high pressure water jet

Exposing desert sand to high-pressure water can quickly get it coarse enough to be useful in construction with the added advantage desert sand is far more plentiful and practically free.

The cost of electricity and building the mechanics vs the return of investment for every ton of sand processed, will it make enough profit to make it viable? I have no clue, this idea is based only on the first known assumption that the cost of sand increases over time based on supply and demand and as supply decreases and demand increases. This is assumed unlike oil this isn't a market-induced shortage so the price will continue to increase in a predictable way, using that it will either force creativity and the market demand to find a cheaper viable solution or another method therefore this is just that, an idea that you might consider if the crisis was happening today.