Distance Calculator in Python

By Samuel Muiruri | Dec. 20, 2018 | Python Scripts

I’ve used geopy a python package to write a program that can get either a location’s name and get the location’s details, of two places and return the distance between the two points in km or miles.

And I found out where Wakanda is, and apparently SmallVille is in South Africa which means superman must be South African, going out of topic here for a bit but the nearest match then for Superman then would be a timid South African turned American Elon Musk, if you believe the comics or want to actually visit Wakanda.

Anyway, the code is really simple, this is ranked as an Easy problem to solve as part of the #100daysofCode twitter challenge and I’ve been doing some ML for a while #100daysML and for now decided to do one non-ML project.

Here’s the code.