Black Power

By Samuel Muiruri | Jan. 24, 2019 | Opinion Piece

I watched the movie blackkklansman about an agent who joined the kkk to infiltrate it and early in the movie I noticed something, a thought process I’d like to expound on because it mainly affects how black people feel. There was a point in time when a cop would call a black person a nigger and get away with it, possibly even the fellow cops would laugh with him on this account, who knows at this point in time you’re probably looking at a high chance a white guy who’s confident he won’t get knocked out would likely do the same.
As you grow up you seek for an identity and one thing is if your black you notice you can’t just blend in and pretend to be white, you can’t hide in like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and remain undetected always. Your race defines you even though in this century people either shun other races, hate their own, told to hate their own or simply refuse to believe there is such a thing as a race, to be politically correct. I’m not arguing there is an advantage to belonging in a certain race, genetics doesn’t have a superior race that’s smarter, stronger or any other advantage. We mainly evolved some traits to better survive in a certain environment.
Still we identify ourselves as part of a group or part of the whole if you look at humanity as one race. Still when this movie was set in a period when black were no longer slaves but considered second class citizens and people were denying they should even have certain rights while others were fighting for everyone to have equal rights you would look to what you as a people came from and where you going to because in this context and in many others you can break down people based on traits, capabilities and even opportunities be it how wealthy they are or how well connected the society is around them which can then give rise to opportunities. Just the same way some other societies might shun on other things like a woman going to school or learning to drive.
If your past is one of slavery, the present looks bleak with inequality and the future bleak, depending on who you ask that generation will breed dreamers who like poets will put into words the dilemma of the world they live in and the light at the end of the tunnel they hope will come. They, the current generation as they look at black history will find this as the words of wise men from the same group they identify with and inside this literature there’s going to be echoes of injustice done to them in the past but maybe not in the present at least not to the same degree.
I believe this is one of the big problems of the forward thinkers of the black community, it’s because they read up on these idols like Martin Luther King, and adored his vision as they should but then they might then take a wrong path and picked up a fight where the battle was won. They’re facing the world looking back at the problems facing blacks in America like high crime rate, occupying prisons up to 50% yet they’re a fraction of the population, about 15%, high rate of poverty I believe more than any other race and they see a hidden hand of injustice and the culprit is racism. The thing is they have a voice and they’ve spoken and been heard, the problem isn’t being oppressed but more likely a problem being tackled in the wrong way, a solution that doesn’t deliver results and like a website up and running but buggy as hell you’d be right to feel reluctant to pull it down and put up a new site.
People need to feel motivated so we seek for motivation wherever we can find it, inspiration to guide us to a goal and part of that is feeling unique because at our core even if you know your skills have been mastered but thousands of people you are unique and you will seek out to find out why.
Some black Americans, if you’re liberal you’d argue most feel they’ve been wronged in one way or another due to their race and racism not only exists but it has roots in some institutions like the police where it can directly harm them. On one part you have to accept racism does exist because it can’t be completely eradicated, not at this point in time due to multiple reasons; someone could have had a negative experience which in turn makes you less likely to interact with someone who’s similar to an assailant, it’s a normal response. It could be class/wealth based,