Samuel Muiruri alias: The Coder


I code mostly using Python a powerful yet simple to use programming language.

I do Web Development: with Django, for the front and back-end. If you're looking for a functional user friendly site that looks great from the front-end and with a backend that's fast without needing to invest in massive server specs at the start you should consider requesting a quote, after all it's free and after developing websites since 2012 I can tell you the complexity of your project and how you can manage it.

Django is modular: like a modern CRM it's intended to be built in a way that you should be able to edit most if not all content on the front-end from the backend with a simple and easy to use page

Django Admin

to a highly customized front-end page like DecoMagna's homepage


and the backend comes with cool inbuilt features like: controlling user priveledge so your staff accounts can be limited to only what they should edit ensuring you feel more secure and incharge of your site. The front-end is built with the backend in mind so can specify when you want content to appear, disable viewing of content instantly and arrange your content based on your preference. Your creativity is the limit of what's possible... within reason, just be reasonable it's code not magic. 😄

Do you believe data is the new gold? Maybe you own some of that data but without understanding how to take advantage of it, it's not making you money, your not turning it into gold. What you need is Data Science , in particular custom scripts that can understand patterns within your data that hand written code would be too bulky and sensitive to minor changes. It's basically a Calculus script that uses math to find patterns like you did in plotting the graph of a function and using this it can predict what new data should be treated as based on the pattern of known data. Some people take it further with constantly updating models that regurarly retrain itself if you constantly get new data like in stock analysis or you have a site with a huge user base and you need a script that can find what behaviour maximizes user interaction on the site and use that for suggestions for what to read or watch next.

For example: you own a hospital in Kenya and you regurarly screen for cancer you can create a model that highlights areas of interest that might possibly be cancerous. You can build an automated speed ticketing system that checks the speed of the car, if it's speeding take a picture, get the license plate, using the government record get your contact details like an email and send you the citation and attach the photo and recorded speed.

You can find alot of data for your model online for free and some for a cost depending on what you need. When you have that and an idea of say how to predict the worth of a house based on other houses specs, you can build a model. The main logic is consider if what you the model to predict can be broken down to simple instructions that you could then train someone to do as a classification task like come up with an excel sheet and then use that to estimate how you should price a house to maximize your competitiveness. I can build intuitive visualization for you, I can graph out it's results and tell you it's acurracy so you can tell how reliable it is and you can also visually understand how it works. If you have a project that is like this you can contact me and request a quote.

You might want a custom inhouse application for example a Stock Management System that basically you'll use on your PC then you need a Desktop Application, I can design this for: Windows, Mac and Linux that can either run locally without any internet access, on one machine or on the local network or an application that needs information from an internet resource that will fail gracefully if the connection is interrupted or the internet server goes offline.

If your interested you can request a quote or learn more about me and my skills and tools I've used including my Previous Projects on my about page.

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Prestige Mountain Chalets
Prestige Mountain Chalets

Experience the mountains in a different way

Here's one example of a project I'm still currently working on, called PixelArt, it's a webapp in Django that allows you to edit images using colors for example color a black and white image or swap colors in an image. (Example Below)

Image before Coloring


Image after Coloring


The project is Open Sourced, you can find the code here. Feel free to contribute, and clone the repo.

You can play with it online here to get a feel of how it works, note however this is not intended to work on mobile, please use a PC (Windows/Linux/Mac).

You can watch this youtube playlist tutorial on how it works.